Driven to protect

Driven to protect

Firefighters have to expect the unexpected every time they go out on a mission and when it comes to protecting and saving lives, there are many challenges faced every day. That’s why Dräger is driven to prepare and protect you for any mission – and for the work in between.

The need to respond to an emergency can happen at any moment. Being prepared is key. That’s why Dräger offers a wide range of training systems designed to keep firefighters ready to safely complete any mission. Their portfolio covers facilities and training solutions for all levels – from new recruit to senior.

Staying safe when saving lives is paramount and this comes down to being able to count on the reliability of equipment in any incident.

Dräger is dedicated to offering equipment that fulfils the highest safety standards, is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It’s all part of our commitment to providing firefighters around the world  with the solutions needed so that they can focus on nothing but their mission.

To meet these requirements, Dräger developed the HPS 7000 in close cooperation with customers worldwide. An award winning firefighter’s helmet is in a class of its own, thanks to its innovative, sporty and dynamic design, ergonomic fit and components which make it a multifunctional system solution. It provides optimum protection during every operation.

The time between the end of a mission and the beginning of the next is the time to get the equipment you rely on ready. And that means effective, professional maintenance. Dräger supports fire departments with the appropriate equipment, fast and reliable service, and professional training courses.

The right cleaning and disinfection of the equipment after a call is very important. Oral and nasal transmission (mouth/nose) is one of the main ways in which pathogenic viruses and micro-organisms are transmitted from one person to another. During use of breathing protection equipment, saliva traces can continually accumulate. These may contain pathogenic micro-organisms that can multiply and viruses that may multiply, and thus there is a high risk of infection for every subsequent user of the equipment.

To prevent cross-contamination from breathing protection equipment, and protect users’ health to the greatest possible extent, it is essential to kill off pathogenic bacteria and inactivate viruses (in other words, disinfect) after every use.

Dräger Incidin® Rapid is a powerful, liquid surface disinfectant for the manual disinfection of surfaces and breathing protection equipment, e.g. respirator masks, lung demand valves incl. breathing protection accessories. Due to cleaning and disinfecting active components Incidin® Rapid can be used both for cleaning and for disinfection.