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Protecting lives, the environment and critical assets

Angus Fire is a global leader in firefighting technology with a remarkable history in manufacturing fire protection products for over 220 years.  Renown for high quality, high performance fire hose, foam and equipment, Angus Fire supplies customers in over 100 countries spread across a wide range of industry sectors.

Angus Fire maintains its position at the forefront of fire protection technology through continuous investment in R&D. The unique combination of technical expertise in rubber and textile technology (firehose), speciality chemicals (foam concentrates) and engineering design (firefighting equipment) has enabled Angus Fire to achieve numerous technological ‘firsts’. Duraline fire hose is the world’s premier maintenance-free covered fire hose.  Duraline has been used by municipal and industrial fire services around the world for over 5 decades. Tankmaster is the highest quality fluoroprotein foam for extinguishing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.  C6 Foam Concentrates; all Angus Fire foams have been reformulated to contain only C6 fluorosurfactants. They meet the same approvals, deliver improved performance with reduced environmental impact. Fluorine free foams; JetFoam is the world’s first ever film-forming FF foam for use in aviation. It is completely Newtonian and has ICAO Level B. Respondol ATF is a superior performance FF foam with EN1568 part 3&4 on all fuels and water types.  It is low viscosity, low corrosion. CoolFire is an innovative, rapid response technology which provides a firefighter with the advantage of being able to attack fire from a relatively safe position outside a building. To find out more about Angus Fire visit


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