DGDA signs up Naffco to enhance Diriyah’s firefighting structure

DGDA signs up Naffco to enhance Diriyah’s firefighting structure

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) has signed a strategic agreement with Naffco KSA, a leading Middle East-based manufacturer of firefighting products, to help boost Diriyah’s firefighting structure and identify fire hazards quicker.

The agreement will build a framework for both sides to work together and enhance the safety of Diriyah’s residents, ensuring protective measures are in place within the community.

The MoU states that both DGDA and Naffco will exchange data, studies and research, as well as investigating a variety of humanitarian initiatives that will benefit Diriyah’s local community.  Within the agreement’s framework, both sides will also host workshops on the latest safety systems, training and development programs as well as direct volunteering campaigns within the city.

The MoU was signed by Jerry Inzerillo, Group CEO of the DGDA, and Engineer Khalid Al Khateeb, the founder and CEO of Naffco KSA.

On the key partnership, Inzerillo said: “Safety and security are of paramount priority in every one of the DGDA’s projects. In addition to following the most stringent international safety standards, we routinely consult experts to ensure that these standards are being upheld.”

He added: “The MoU with Naffco signifies a key strategic decision that will help DGDA handle contingencies as effectively as possible and assist in raising awareness regarding fire hazards.”

Al Khateeb said the agreement also lays the foundation to apply Naffco’s broad spectrum of solutions and services to help keep people safe. He added: “Utilising our research and expertise to keep communities protected is a mission we hold very dearly.

“With this MoU, we seek to collaborate with DGDA on training in accordance with Naffco’s standards, ensuring that the Diriyah Gate’s emergency response team has the skills and capabilities required to obtain certification from the Saudi Council of Engineers and deal with potential fire hazards in a safe and effective manner.”