Deserving winners of achievement award

Deserving winners of achievement award

In a break from tradition and after a most tumultuous year, a group of women from the UK’s Police, Fire and Ambulance Services have been jointly awarded Woman of Achievement Award 2017, in gratitude and recognition of their leadership and dedication in the face of terrorist atrocities in the UK in Manchester and London and the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

Receiving the Woman of Achievement Award 2017 on behalf of the women of the Emergency Services were Commissioner Dany Cotton of the London Fire Service, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi of the Metropolitan Police Service, PC Alice Jacobs, who was one of the first on the scene during the recent London terror attacks, Heather Lawrence OBE of the London Ambulance Service and Tracy Porter, Head of Resilience and Special Operations of the London Ambulance Service.

The Award was presented to the women by former winner Baroness Helen Newlove of Warrington, Victims Commissioner for England and Wales.

Pauline Edden, Board Director of the Woman of the Year Awards, said: “We departed from tradition with pleasure this year in order to present this award to a group of women, not just an individual. The women of our Emergency Services are worthy of our recognition, this year more than ever. It is testament to their dedication that many women have risen to the very top of their respective Services, in domains which until recently were traditionally regarded as exclusively male-oriented. They have also proved themselves in action, by protecting and serving us with great skill and determination, often under the most frightening of circumstances.”

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