Compact AQUASYS Water Mist System Effectively Protects a Modern Automotive Test Bench

Compact AQUASYS Water Mist System Effectively Protects a Modern Automotive Test Bench

AQUASYS supplies the high-pressure water mist (HPWM) system for the protection of a new test bench for cars at a well-known university in Germany. The planning was carried out in cooperation with a leading test bench manufacturer, and as a special feature, the protection is primarily provided by the AQUASYS pop-up nozzles sunk into the floor. This very efficient cooling system protects the highly modern and sensitive test equipment in case of fire and contributes significantly to the safety of the test engineers.

A very compact AQUASYS GPP was selected for this application. With this nitrogen-driven Power Pack, the water is carried at high pressure through stainless steel pipes to the nozzles. The incoming water loosens the cover in the floor and thus fills the entire test chamber and especially the space under the vehicle with water mist.

Based on detailed planning and assembly instructions, the individual prefabricated assemblies could be easily installed by the test bench manufacturer himself. By taking into account appropriate flexible elements and transitions, critical parts could still be adapted to the conditions on site.

The nozzles installed in the floor act directly and immediately in the case of a vehicle fire, in the entire area under the vehicle and also in the surrounding area of the measuring equipment. In addition, a nozzle ring supplied via quick couplings can be temporarily installed in the engine compartment to increase efficiency for the duration of the tests. Activation takes place either by manual triggering by the test stand personnel or automatically via the existing fire alarm system.

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