Cold Fire partnership

Cold Fire partnership

Dubai-based Green Sustainable Solutions has announced a new partnership with Hydro Navitas Solutions that will see them sell the Cold Fire wetting agent.

Cold Fire wetting agents came about after it was noticed that some trees secreted a sap that offered protection during wildfires. After much development and evolution, the wetting agent remains just as relevant to the fire fighting industry.

Today, it is a carefully blended mix of plant extracts, minerals and salts that are naturally present in the soil. There’s no chemical agents used, unlike other fire agents that can contain bromine derivatives, phosphate or polymers.

By adding Cold Fire to firefighting water, the water is enhanced. It has improved efficiency and an impressive ability to extinguish Class A, B, D and F type fires. It can reduce the volume of water needed to fight fires, as it is up to 21 times more efficient than water alone.

Over 400 hours of research into Cold Fire was undertaken at Imperial College London University, which concluded that when used at just 1% it could extinguish fires up to 40% faster and reduced the amount of water needed by two thirds.

This makes it an eco-friendly option, not only by saving water, but also minimising run-off, smoke released into the atmosphere and carbon release into water courses. In addition it safeguards the wellbeing of firefighters by reducing the amount of time they may be exposed to harmful heat and carbon emissions.