Code Compliant System

Nevada-based AM Fire and Electronics Services were faced with some unique challenge when they were contracted to install a code-complaint fire system at the International Peace Education Centre (IPEC) in Las Vegas.

The three-storey building houses which covers 8,500 square metres in total incudes a wide mixture of open spaces ranging from its 900 square metre ballroom, though to office areas and hotel-style bedrooms.

news_eventBut the Nevada fire code insisted that safety appliances be installed in every small space like closets so that emergency alarms would not rely on wall penetration for them to be heard.

As an additional challenge, the building’s unique layout called for a large number of smoke dampers to be installed, each of which requires a separate smoke detector for activation. While a conventional design would have a duct-mounted smoke detector for every damper.

The combination of Axis AX panel, amplifier, sound file and Gentex speakers produces the 80 dBA required and is NRTL listed to comply with low-frequency mandates. Advanced photoelectric detectors now provide full area smoke detection, which allowed AMFES to eliminate all damper duct detectors. Only two rooftop units required duct detectors.  /