Change to the CFPS exam

Change to the CFPS exam

In the world of fire protection and safety, the Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS®) certification has long been regarded as a hallmark of expertise and competence.

For years, professionals seeking to demonstrate mastery of critical skills and knowledge from the NFPA® Fire Protection Handbook® have pursued and achieved CFPS status, showcasing their leadership through practical experience and educational achievements.

Now, a pivotal update is here.

On June 19, 2024, an enhanced CFPS exam will be unveiled, integrating the latest insights and content from the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook’s 21st edition.

For those familiar with the 20th edition’s material and contemplating CFPS certification, now is the time to secure a spot and take the exam before these updates take effect.

The CFPS certification holds considerable value for a diverse range of professionals tasked with fire safety, prevention, and suppression responsibilities.

From risk managers and fire officers to safety consultants and insurance underwriters, earning CFPS accreditation can significantly elevate one’s career and impact within the industry.

As the launch of the updated CFPS exam approaches, professionals across various disciplines are encouraged to seize this opportunity to enhance their credentials and deepen their expertise in fire protection and safety.

Whether designing fire systems, enforcing codes, or managing facilities, CFPS certification signifies a commitment to excellence and a dedication to advancing fire safety practices in today’s complex environments.