Burgan Bank carries out emergency evacuation drill at HQ

Burgan Bank carries out emergency evacuation drill at HQ

Kuwait’s Burgan Bank has demonstrated its commitment to fire and life safety precautions this week with an emergency evacuation drill for staff working at its head office.

The drill was designed to come under the framework of the bank’s willingness to both train and educate its staff on the appropriate steps for evacuation, to ensure their safety and security in emergency situations, such as a fire.

The Kuwait Fire Force was on hand to supervise the evacuation, with a team who helped to evaluate employee response times, highlight potential gaps and look for areas of improvement. Also involved were the fire teams of Al Helali and Al Madina Fire Centers

The exercise included a simulation of a fire in the building and a scenario that saw a number of individuals trapped and injured on one of the building’s floors. Staff were given comprehensive training on how to manage disaster situations and accidents as part of the process.

Post-drill, Engineer – Saud Al-Hadbah, Head of General Services Administration -AGM, said: “At Burgan Bank, we are committed to the safety of our employees; something we consider to be an absolute top priority.

“Therefore, we conduct regular and periodic trainings on emergency situations in order to ensure their safety and protect customers’ private and confidential data.

“These drills contribute to consolidating our customers’ confidence in the levels of quality and efficiency that we are working to achieve. In addition to the drills, we always apply the latest approved international standards and methods that ensure maximum safety.”