British and Saudi firefighters work together

British and Saudi firefighters work together

British and Saudi firefighters have joined forces to train for the Formula 1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in Jeddah.

Nine members of Britam Arabia have been undergoing specialist training as fire marshals in support of the Saudi Civil Defence at the sporting event.

Britam Arabia is a joint Saudi-British venture that provides private fire and rescue services at 11 sites across Saudi Arabia. It provides the full spectrum of professional firefighting services from consultancy through to station operations and all in support of the Vision 2030 plans.

Iqbal Ali, who works for Britam Arabia, said: “Fire safety at Formula 1 events requires a special skill set and the training our firefighters are receiving from the race organisers is first class. We are delighted to support this exciting event and are relishing the chance to be part of the fire safety support team track side. We are stood by to provide any assistance in any way we can whenever we are called upon.”

The firefighters will be on hand for both the qualifying stages of the race and the main event. Back in October we reported on the efforts F1 officials were making into developing a fire-resistant glove to enhance safety for the race drivers.