Bosch launches new power amplifier

Bosch launches new power amplifier

Bosch’s new PRM-4P600 multi-channel power amplifier is available this spring, helping to drive sound systems in commercial installations.

With a total amplifier power density of 600 watts and full flexibility over its four channels, the PRM-4P600 perfectly fits small to mid-sized commercial installations, including retail stores, bars, restaurants, educational facilities and more. The product is ideal for expanding the application of announcements – an important element of fire safety protocols.

It’s designed to deliver superior sound quality with steady operation even when being used in challenging conditions. The PRM-4P600’s industrial design is housed in a robust enclosure that requires minimal ventilation space.

Its silent operation means it is suitable to be used in quiet environments. While a built-in multi-stage fan is activated under extreme thermal conditions to maintain full operations – even if temperatures hit 45°C.

The new powerTANK technology also adds flexibility, working like a power reservoir for the amplifier. With direct access to the total power of 600 watts, the PRM-4P600 can deliver asymmetric power to each of its four amplifier channels as needed (up to 300 watts per single channel). All available energy is efficiently used, which allows great flexibility – especially when driving multiple audio zones with different power requirements.