Blaze smoulders for 3 days

A lengthy high level investigation, which could take up to many weeks, has started to find the cause of a fire which severely damaged the largest  indoor ‘flea’ market in  Chicago.
The building in West Humboldt, which housed small stalls set up by hundreds of merchants to sell products like jewellery, furniture and food was still smouldering three days after the blaze.
Because the enquiries will involve examining more than 100 cars removed from the market along with a large collection of debris the Chicago Fire Department has had to seek outside help.
It has called in America’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms national response team to collaborate with police and fire to help figure out the cause of the blaze. 
“Our office of fire investigations has limited resources and the sheer size of 300 by 600-foot building surpasses the manpower of the Chicago Fire Department has to work the scene,” said Richard C. Ford II, the city’s first deputy fire commissioner.