Wildland Fires Incidents

Wildland Fires Incidents

Managing wildland fires is more important than ever because over the last few decades, the wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed: longer fire seasons, bigger fires and more acres burned on average each year, more extreme fire behaviour…

The combination of heat and drought caused critical low solid moisture content and led to high fire danger.

Thanks to its long experience in efficient and fluorine free foam development, BIOEX launch ECOPOL F: a new firefighting foam dedicated for class A wildland fires (forest, cereal fields, grass, brush, bush…) in order to increase firefighter effectiveness and reduce firefighting costs.

ECOPOL F is an ecological solution to suppress in depth wildland fires thanks to its high wetting property.

Wetting property: ECOPOL F wetting properties are among the best ones on the market. The use of ECOPOL F surfactants reduces water’s surface tension and allows to penetrate and extinguish embers at depth and therefore be more effective and quicker than water alone. Thus, it reduces efficiently the amount of water needed.

Expansion property: When mixed with air, ECOPOL F solution creates a high-quality foam blanket which insulates fuel from air and cools the fuel. Its drain time provides longer surface wetting and prevents the fire from re-igniting. The adhesive nature of the foam makes it possible to adhere to vertical surfaces for an extended period.

Exposure protection and mop-up/overhaul can be completed with ECOPOL F for additional and faster fire control and extinguishment. For more information, please visit www.bio-ex.com