Arson in schools in Kenya

Education officials and politicians in Kenya are trying to establish a common cause behind a series of arson attacks in schools which has seen 16 fires reported this year in the county of Kisii in the South West of the country.

It is currently believed that there are several reasons behind an outbreak of student unrest including students panicking about stricter supervision of their exams, poor school leadership, the imposition of stricter rules and drug abuse.

There are suggestions that indiscipline in school has increased since corporal punishment was banned in Kenya in 2001 and that it should now be introduced.

In a recent visit to a school in Kisii Eduction Minister Fred Matiang called upon parents to ‘instil the right values’ in children to prevent students producing anti-social behaviour in schools.

However, just hours after the minister recently visited a school to talk about arson there was a fire in one of its dormitories.