Wildfires Caused by Arson and vandalism

Wildfires Caused by Arson and vandalism

Ali Mahmoudi, the director general of Forests in Algeria, said he believed that many of the country’s 37 wildfires in February were caused by “arson and criminal acts of vandalism”.

On the state’s radio he stated: “The high temperature during 5, 6 and 11 February coincided with the blowing of the warm Sirocco wind.

“But we have witnessed wildfires started by persons with bad intentions who took advantage of the high temperature to set the green areas ablaze. It was regrettable to see fires during February, in the middle of winter.”

However, he added that in the build up to the heat of summer the authorities were  seeking to strengthen the resources of fire-fighting and civil protection teams with aerial forest surveillance drones and fire-extinguishing aircraft.

In addition, the Forestry Department would  be supplied with 15 trucks and 80 new vehicles manufactured in the army factory in the Tiaret governorate.