AP Sensing launches N45-Series

AP Sensing launches N45-Series

AP Sensing has unveiled the N45-Series, a powerful heat detector which will raise the bar for fibre optic heat detection. The product gives customers peace of mind to operate safely and sufficiently throughout their establishments, knowing they are covered for fire incidents.

The LHD N45-Series boasts the longest certified distance range on the market, operating up to 16km on four different channels. Its intuitive design is fully integrated with a web server, allowing for simple settings and compliance configuration.

The heat detector from AP Sensing has up to 2,000 configurable alarms, and up to 98 integrated relay contacts.

It is easy to install and a cost-effective alternative to what is currently available on the market. Immune to electrical interference, the N45-series offers a varied range of options that offer the highest quality of technology to locate and monitor fire events, both before they occur and during the incident.

Safety and system reliability are key features of the new series, with a mean time between failures of 35 years. The system offers the most complete set of type tests and certifications on the market including EN54-22 (VdS), UL 521 (UL), CAN/ULC S530, SIL-2, and ATEX and IECEx for critical areas.

AP sensing has a long history of fire detection technologies, which can be deployed in traffic scenarios, tunnels, car parks, conveyors, cable trays, solar farms, battery storage and more.

Recently other companies such as Patol have been showcasing their own fire detection technologies.