Another UK Tower Block blaze possible

Another UK Tower Block blaze possible

Dany Cotton, the commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, has not ruled out the possibly that there will be another Tower block blaze like the one at Grenfell which killed 71 people in June.

Speaking six months after the tragedy she told SKY TV news that the building “should never have behaved like that in a fire situation, I would never be able to say it won’t happen again, I just hope and pray it never does”.

As an official enquiry began into the fire, which has left 166 people still homeless, Ms Cotton added that she believed a repeat could be avoid if there was a much wider used of fire sprinklers in buildings.

She said: “I’m staggered we don’t have sprinklers in domestic premises and schools. They save lives. They keep people safe, as well as putting the fire out.”

Ms Cotton revealed that many of firefighters who worked during the night of the Grenfell disaster are still receiving counselling to help them recover from the trauma of the fire.

And she added : “I have been to counselling as well because talking about the problems caused by the fire has helped me in my work.”