Aerial first responder

Fire response teams are being given the opportunity to purchase an aerial drone which can quickly fly over a blaze and send back pictures of the size of the emergency they  need to tackle.

The new equipment called the Aerial First Responder Kit has been developed by the American company FLIR and is being launched this month.

The package, which costs US$ 10,450, combines the DJI Zenmuse XT stabilised thermal camera and the DJI inspire 1 drone is being offered to emergency response units in ‘ready to fly’ bundles.

“FLIR is proud to offer these drone thermal imaging solutions from the world’s top drone manufacturer to the first responder community,” said Jeff Frank, the company’s Vice President for Product Strategy.

“We are pleased that our strategic collaboration with DJI enables us to deliver complete drone solutions that aid first responders in saving lives.

“With our heritage of providing products to first responders, we’re in a perfect position to bring these technologies to those who dedicate their lives to keeping our communities safe.”