Abu Dhabi residents reminded of emergency response action plans

Abu Dhabi residents reminded of emergency response action plans

Abu Dhabi’s official online government portal, tamm.Abudhabi, has reminded residents of the best action to take in an emergency to save lives and reduce casualties.

With residential fires often a source of huge devastation, the advice also centres on what to do when faced with a small domestic fire or larger.

According to the Tamm website, there are many causes of domestic fires including poor fire safety infrastructure in old houses or buildings as well as poor or faulty electrical devices and networks.

In an emergency situation, the Tamm website advises residents to:

• Use only high quality approved electrical devices, equipment, and networks
• Maintain all electrical wires periodically and ensure that any open electrical wiring is fixed immediately
• Ensure that all electrical devices, which are not in use are not plugged in
• Make sure that all sockets that can be reached by children are switched off
• Never smoke in bed or leave burning cigarettes unattended
• Keep ashtrays away from upholstered furniture and curtains
• Ensure that the stove, gas pipes and joints have been installed properly
• Do not leave the kitchen for a long period of time when cooking
• Make sure that the stove is turned off and small appliances are unplugged before going to bed
• Keep dangling clothing away from fire sources and keep curtains and other flammable items away from the stove

However, as much as fires can be prevented they can still occur. The Tamm website also offers residents advice for how to prepare for cases of emergency:

• Smoke or heat detectors, alarm systems and fire extinguishers should be part of the standard equipment of every home.
• The family’s guardian should know about the different types of extinguishers used for different types of fires and how to use them in case of emergency.
• Stairs and doorways should never be blocked, and windows not barred, to evacuate the house quickly.
• Each house should have at least one obstacle free emergency exit.
• External stairs can help in escaping from upper storeys.
• A safety plan should be available for all family members of the household.
• Responsibilities like waking children up and evacuating children, seniors and people with special needs should be assigned.
• Children should be trained on how to deal with house fires.
• Each family member should know the most important emergency numbers in Abu Dhabi.