A tough challenge

Firefighters from The Emirates were singled out for praise for their mental and physical toughness at the end of the UAE’s World Firefighter Challenge 2016

Almost 300 crewmen representing 18 countries from as far away as Canada took part in the challenges which involved emulating real-life firefighting scenarios.

Including in the tasks were climbing a five-story tower, hoisting a 20KG hose, hitting a hydraulic beam with a mallet and rescuing a life-sized 80Kg dummy. And they all had to be carried out wearing a firefighting suit weighing over 20 KGs.

Explaining that having strong mental power so that mind overrules the body was the key to handling the exercises and most blaze tackling situation French firefighter Vincent Heiligenstein said: “UAE’s firefighters are very tough. They have gone beyond my expectations.”

Jamie McGarva, from Canada, added: “It’s a good thing for us to show how physically fit we are and it’s crucial to be ready for emergency situations The UAE teams are in great shape.”


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