A four-year vision

A four-year vision

The London Fire Brigade has received official approval of a draft plan which it says outlines a “ four year vision to make the capital the world’s safest global city”.

The plan, approved by members of the London’s Fire Authority, has a main two-pronged approach to combatting the dangers posed by fires.

A new target has been set to reduce the time it takes the city’s firefighters to reach the scene of fires while increasing their ability to responded to terrorism incidents.

There are no proposals to reduce the numbers of firefighters, fire engines or fire stations but placing the future stations in the heart of communities will be a priority.

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: “Over the last 10 years the number of fires in London has been cut in half, largely due to the work of all our staff in promoting vital fire safety advice especially to those most at risk.

“The role of a firefighter in 2016 is a world away from when our great organisation was born 150 years ago and our Plan reflects the varied job we do everyday to protect Londoners.

“Maintaining among the best response times in the UK, expanding our roles at terrorist and flooding incidents and making our fire stations more inclusive and community hubs are key proposals for the Brigade over the next four years.”

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