5.5 hours fire resistance with HENSOTHERM® 490 KS

5.5 hours fire resistance with HENSOTHERM® 490 KS

In May 2018, Rudolf Hensel GmbH, as the world’s first manufacturer of reactive steel fire protection coating systems, exceeded the American market requirement of up to 4 hours by an additional 90 minutes according to the UL263 standard. The April 2018 test aimed at extending the already existing UL approval for the product HENSOTHERM® 490 KS with additional steel sections and longer fire resistance times. Also tested was a heavy wide-flange section type W up to a critical steel temperature of T = 538 °C / 1,000 °F. As the duration of a fire test progresses, the nature of the insulating foam layer tends to change, the foam erodes and becomes unstable, which results in accelerated critical temperature failure. The present fire test was only completed after 5.5 hours with a very stable, adherent and closed foam layer (see photo) and thus confirms the 4 hour fire resistance time achieved in 2015 with a 3-sided beam test of this steel fire protection coating.

HENSOTHERM® 490 KS with its water-based formulation is a further coating system in our Green Product line, which combines those Hensel products which are recommended as construction products for sustainable building by virtue of their emission certificates. The approval provides for the use of HENSOTHERM® 490 KS in interior spaces in general, but also in air-conditioned interior spaces, without the application of a top coat. This means savings in time and material.

Product benefits

  • Classified according to UL263, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials,
    Fire Resistance Directory R27201
  • CoC certificate number: 20130531-R27201
  • Suitable for off-site/workshop application
  • LEED v4, AgBB tested, emission class A+
  • IBU environmental product declaration No. EPD-RHG-20160139-IAA1-DE
  • UL environmental product declaration No. 4787852008.101.1

Since February 2019 the UL approval for HENSOTHERM® 490 KS has once again been extended
with longer fire resistance rates and is now also suitable for filigree steel components.

Details on the product approval you will receive after registration on UL Product iQ https://iq.ulprospector.com using the keyword R27201.

Further information on the product can be found on our website at www.rudolf-hensel.de/490KS
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at 490KS@rudolf-hensel.de

UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, have been testing and certifying products, components, materials and systems since 1894. UL demands that the quality standard of the products determined on certification is verified on a regular basis. Hensel uses UL‘s external monitoring to provide verification.