4,800 hectares lost to raging wildfire in India

4,800 hectares lost to raging wildfire in India

A wildfire has raged across 4,800 hectares in Belthangady in India, after dry grass was set alight on Wednesday morning on the road just outside of Nidigallu.

Officials suspect that the fire was deliberately lit to scare away wild elephants roaming the roads.

The fire was compounded by extreme heat and wildfire that has recently been experienced by the region.

More than 50 locals were mobilised, along with the Uppingady forest department. Together they’ve been working to bring the fire under control, which has been rampaging through Amedikallu, Singani Hill and Uday Hill for the past week.

The weather forecast for Shishila, India is predicting further heat and arid climates with only one day in the next two weeks holding a chance for wet weather.

The region historically has struggled with extreme temperatures – which have slowed down fire suppression efforts and raised the demand for new fire technologies and response protocols to be used by Indian fire departments and state emergency services.

Large, destructive fires are not new to India, with a call for enhanced fire response services being made last May.

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